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Big Birth Junkie

Oct 16, 2018

Katie Vigos is a Registered Nurse and mother of three boys in Los Angeles, California who is best known for her popular IG feed Empowered Birth Project which led the way to allow for #uncensoredchildbirth photos on both IG and FB.

Her first son was born in a hospital in 2007. While she was able to experience an unmedicated, vaginal birth without complications, she felt unsupported by the staff and pressured to accept interventions she didn't need. She was fortunate to have her husband's constant, loving presence throughout the intense 22-hour labor. 

In 2010 her second son was born into her arms in the comfort of her family home. His birth was euphoric and everything she had hoped for-- a spiritual awakening, a rite of passage, and a rebirth as a stronger and more powerful woman.

Katie and I met back in the day when she had about 2000 followers and we became fast friends over our mutual love of how amazing the female body truly is!

In this episode, we go into detail about the first two births. The birth of her 3rd son will be released at another time, because when we get in a room... we get talking!! 


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