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Big Birth Junkie

Oct 23, 2018

Genevive has been deeply active in peace activism and social justice work for over 20 years. 10 years ago she found herself pregnant in a foreign country with no community. It was through the birth of her first child that she found what was to become her platform and passion: Birth of a Mama. 


For more information to go: GraceFull or follow us: @gracefullbirth or our guest: @birthofamama on IG and FB. 


We want to give a HUGE thanks to our sponsors, without whom you would not be able to listen to this information so you know your choices!

Madjka took the nutritional needs of new moms, worked with a brilliant team of professional nutritionists, and created yummy cookies and tasty shakes that not only fulfilled the fundamental nutrition you and your baby needs, we also included ingredients that support lactation and are meant to help increase breast milk supply.

Birth of a Mama offers therapeutic and doula resources to support women to navigate motherhood by strengthening their matrilineal lineage, heal generational trauma, create a supportive community and live a life of meaning. 

GraceFull where you can find BBJ's host Elizabeth's free ebook: Birth Planning: All the Questions to Ask and all kinds of educational videos including Childbirth Education, Advanced Doula Trainings and Lactation Support. 

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