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Big Birth Junkie

Mar 19, 2019

“There are all different normals”. That basically sums up the 3 very different pregnancies, births and post partum period for Jamie Batten. We cover a lot of ground on this epic (in length) podcast: induction, pitocin, epidural, bed rest, early labor, OP (Back Labor), formula feeding, cutting of the cord on the perinium, reastfeeding for 2 years, hyperemisis, placenta previa, birth center, waterbirth, testicular torition and trusting your care provider.


There is SO much growth, and learning and growing up that Jamie shares with us. Yes, this is a long podcast, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the wisdomshared.


Also, a shout out to Jamie’s OB Dr. Tara Wiebe and her birthing center @Mountain_Midwifery who I am very impressed with!



For more information about me, Eizabeth Bachner, go to or follow us: @gracefullbirth  or @BigBirthJunkie and our guest at @jamie.nicole.batten.



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