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Big Birth Junkie

Sep 18, 2018

Before Erin gave birth to her son, she didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about breastfeeding. Once he was born, however, they experienced their share of difficulties. She and her son had a long labor, and her milk took a long time to come in, after days of a mysterious fever. When it did come in, only one side was producing due to leftover scar tissue from a 15-year old piercing, and one bad latch resulted in painful blisters which made breastfeeding impossible for a week. Low supply meant she started supplementing with formula from day 3, and although she had wanted to breastfeed exclusively, she did what she had to, and Erin and her husband were glad to provide their little boy with much-needed sustenance when her body couldn’t.

Despite a rocky start they were able to breastfeed for 9 months, and for some of that time she was able to feed fully from one breast. 

This is a special edition of Big Birth Junkie that coincides with the artwork of Judy Chicago's Birth Project Born Again Series at the Pasadena Museum and relates to her piece: Birth Garment Amazon.


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