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Big Birth Junkie

Sep 4, 2018

Renee first noticed she had stretch marks when she was 14 and remembers thinking “Does this mean I’m ugly? Are people going to think I’m ugly?”

After the birth of her children, she was ashamed, embarrassed, and often felt that she had ruined herself because of her loose skin and stretch marks. It was her Auntie Loody and her friends who gave her the courage to accept her baby marks.

Renne and I talked quite a bit over the phone (and please accept my apologies for a sometimes challenging connection) about stretch marks, being a teen mom, yoga and body acceptance. 

This is a special edition of Big Birth Junkie that coincides with the artwork of Judy Chicago's Birth Project Born Again Series at the Pasadena Museum and relates to her piece: Birth Garment - Flowering Schrub.


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