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Big Birth Junkie

Apr 2, 2019

Becky is an active and healthy person, so she assumed pregnancy and birth would come easily to her. Instead, she was met with many complications and challenges that forced her to slow down and take it easy as she was on modified bed rest and medicated until she made it to 36 weeks.

Becky experienced prodromal labor and daily contractions for the last 8 weeks of her pregnancy. When her son was finally born at 39 weeks, he came very quickly. 

In the immediate post-partum at the hospital, she experienced a severe post-partum hemorrhage and lost 3/4 of her blood supply because her cervix was torn during birth.

The postpartum recovery was challenged by a lack of support after almost losing her life during birth. She found that people asked about the baby, but not about her and she had to return to work 6.5 weeks after giving birth. As you can imagine, she was still very much healing physically and mentally.

Yes, a lot happened. Becky women are strong, and Becky is able to resource how resilient and strong she was during her son's birth. She reminds herself to this day that she was able to remain calm and do what needed to be done to save her and her baby. A real lot happened at the birth of her son, but she knows that she can handle anything now and that she will do anything she can for her child.




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