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Big Birth Junkie

Apr 16, 2019

This is a fun podcast for me because I have been on (literally) the whole journey with Jeni and Monique. I supported them with their conception and then they chose to birth with the GraceFull Midwives to have an unmedicated out of hospital birth. Their plans changed when they found out their child was breech; but, we are very lucky in Los Angeles because we have an amazing doctor in town who will support unmedicated vaginal breech births in the hospital.

This podcast is choc-o-bloc filled with great information about same-sex couple conception, using acupuncture for conception (thank you Susan Minich!) IUI and vaginal breech birthing (thank you Dr. Emiliano Chavira). We hope you find this episode as inspirational and fun as we did!




For more information about me, Elizabeth Bachner, go to or follow us: @gracefullbirth  or @BigBirthJunkie. Our guest Jeni is a therapist with coaches same-sex couples navigate the conception process from the emotional to the legal. You can find Jeni at @yarbroughlcsw



This episode is also sponsored by GraceFull where you can find BBJ's host Elizabeth's free ebook Birth Planning: All the Questions to Ask and all kinds of educational videos including Childbirth Education, Advanced Doula Trainings and Lactation Support. Go to GraceFull to download the ebook for free.


And if you are doula, watch for it! We are doing international case reviews real soon...

If you live in Los Angeles, check out GraceFull's midwives for home births, water birth, and our accredited birthing center. We also have a full wellness facility with NDs, Chiropractic, Therapy, Massage, Lactation and lots of amazing classes.