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Big Birth Junkie

Feb 26, 2019

This is not only the story of an unexpected diagnosis of IUGR and the need for a hospital induction but also how Jessica's past history influenced her current thinking. Jessica was holding on to a lot of shame and polarised thinking that showed up to be healed so she could step fully into the role of motherhood.


Feb 19, 2019

Danielle's journey to becoming a mother taught her things she never expected. She left her home in Miami to move to Los Angeles and found a new strength she did not know she had for the unmedicated birth of her daughter Samaya at GraceFull's Birthing Center. 

That is where she thought the lessons would end, but they...

Feb 12, 2019

Sera and Adam took the time to talk with me about what it is like birthing overseas as foreigners in a foreign land.


Sera Bonds is a midwife, doula, activist and Founder of Circle of Health International (COHI). You can currently find her in Austin, TX where works as a @Carriagehousebirth doula and...

Feb 5, 2019

Tessa always knew she wanted a homebirth and it took some time for Chase to get on board with the process, but once he got educated and started to understand the difference between low and high risk pregnancy he was 100% on commited.



If you wanna reach out to Tessa and Chase please do so! They love to talk...